Sky+ HD


013 / 365 - Having lived with Freeview for the past two weeks, we finally managed to get Sky installed. No thanks to a neighbouring tree and a steep pitched roof, the Sky engineer had the system up and running in … Continue reading

Mint Crisp


012 / 365 - Usually when we go back to Ireland we visit the local supermarket and stock up on things that aren’t all that easy to come by in the UK. The usual suspects being items such as Barry’s Tea, … Continue reading



001 / 365 – Today was the day we moved into our new house. No prizes for guessing what number it is. Tweet

Instrument Panel

BMW 320d

188/366 – Today I was scouting around for some new wallpaper for my laptop and found a few night time dashboard shots. So I thought I would try doing one myself. So here is a shot of the dashboard of … Continue reading



69 / 366 – Went on a game drive today in the Pilanesberg National Park, and were really lucky to see three of the big five. However this chap provided one of the best photos of the day. Tweet



62 / 366 – Meet Max, part of the dynamic duo Max and Bailey. Max was chilling out just before being sent to the kennels while we were away on holiday. Tweet


Project365_2012_052_Photo 21-02-2012 13 05 39

52 / 366 – A rear one these days. A RightFax system installed on a physical server, with old school analog fax boards. Tweet