Lough Boora

15 / 366 - Went for a drive today and ended up in Lough Boora Parklands in Offaly. So set off around the Sculpture Park with the camera and tripod across my shoulder.

The parklands are a great place for a walk or a cycle with over 50km of tracks and pathways for you to explore. In the middle of it is the Sculpture Park, home of “commissioned significant artworks, both permanent and temporary by Irish and international artists.”

Today’s picture is of “System No. 30″, a sculpture by Julian Wild. Made using two years worth of scrap metal collected from the Bord na Móna workshops in Lough Boora, John sees the process as a kind of archaeology in which each old cog and piece of metal tells part of the story of the sites’ rich industrial heritage.

Welding these scrap pieces of peat wagons and cutting machinery together, the artist has constructed an 18 metre long sculpture in a canal at the parklands.

The concept is that of a disk that appears to bounce over the surface of the canal, like a skimming stone.  This is an imaginative and playful piece which looks like a serpentine form swimming across the surface of the canal.

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