I Amsterdam

I Amsterdam

26 / 366 – Had a chance to get in to Amsterdam this afternoon, on the way to the Van Gogh museum walked past the “I Amsterdam” letters outside the Rijksmuseum. It was very popluar, with lots of people taking … Continue reading


025_Photo 25-01-2012 21 04 37 (HDR)

25 / 366 – After meetings today, we were taken to dinner in the Lloyd Hotel in  the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam. From the moment we stepped in the door you could tell its a very interesting building. We were … Continue reading


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24 / 366 – A local radio station, 98FM have a Classic Movie Club where they show classic movies in the cinema. The first movie of 2012 was Trading Places strarring Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd, Ralph Bellamy and Jamie Lee … Continue reading

Safety Camera


22 / 366 – Went to visit my parents today and saw a familiar sight on the N4, a mobile road safety speed camera. In mind these really have made a difference on this road in particular. I recall many … Continue reading



20 / 366 – A quick photo taken while grabbing a coffee in Dundrum Shopping Centre. This is the Yo Sushi restaurant in the ground floor. Always loved the vivid colours of the place, only wish I liked sushi. Tweet


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19 / 366 – No idea why I took this photo, but walking through the IFSC is spotted this. Along the road there are trees planted at even spaces except for this one. Instead they must have either skipped it … Continue reading



18 / 366 – In protest to the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) bills, many major websites such as Wikipedia, WordPress, Reddit, Boing Boing “went dark” today. Displaying offline or error messages, they provided visitors … Continue reading

Dragon Gates


17 / 366 – These are the gates guarding the front of a house near where I work. A fantastic piece of art and craftmanship they have always amazed me. Quite often I will ask people who are with me … Continue reading

Lough Boora


15 / 366 – Went for a drive today and ended up in Lough Boora Parklands in Offaly. So set off around the Sculpture Park with the camera and tripod across my shoulder. The parklands are a great place for … Continue reading

Baked Spud

Photo 15-01-2012 00 08 36

14 / 366 – Had to drop into Tesco’s on the way home today and along the way I encountered a food van on the square in Maynooth. Initially I thought it was a chipper van, however much to my … Continue reading